The brand

Leonie Emmanuelle’s finds take life in her eclectic cushions, bringing together ostrich feathers, neon fringes, reflective strips and silk
damask. All hand-made in Montreal, these singular pieces will add a hint of fun to your decor. Keep them close to you, like a friend – rest your head while enjoying a glass of wine or shamelessly soak their flip side with your tears. Because they are often made with discontinued fabrics, Leonie Emmanuelle's accessories are only available in limited quantities.

Leonie Emmanuelle

Previously a fashion model, then a photographer, Leonie Emmanuelle has always been captivated with the fashion world. A true aesthete herself, she
carefully curates her decor and wardrobe, mixing vintage pieces with
one-of-a-kind art pieces and classic furniture, creating her very own brand of artistry in all areas of her life. Her spark and her meticulous attention to detail shines through her craftsmanship of handmade pillows.